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We provide body and health education workshops and RSHE drop-down days, suitable for all age groups. choose from our most popular or get in touch for full catalogue and bespoke topics.


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Workshops For Classrooms and Communities

We provide body and health education workshops and drop-down days, suitable for all age groups. We use the most recent relationships, sex and health education Government legislation to support the planning and learning outcomes, alongside guidance from PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum. Ensuring the content and activities included are age-appropriate. We adapt the delivery activities for formal and informal settings. Our trained and experienced team of youth workers are fully equipped to deliver engaging and interactive lessons which include our underpinning themes of confidence, resilience and empowerment. We price our workshops flexibly, based upon travel expenses and any funding support grants, please contact Tough Cookies to find out the price we can offer you.


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know your body


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the period talk


This workshop supports educators working in classrooms and communities, to deliver engaging, open and honest body and health education, the workshop covers:

  • Naming the parts of the body
  • The changing adolescent body
  • Periods, fertility and menopause
  • Taking care of our health and bodies (TSE, BSE and HPV)



What does your consent education look like? Are you only teaching the laws? Are all staff confident with their own understanding of consent? In this workshop you will learn new ways to deliver effective consent education using a range of engaging and interactive activities.


We deliver a number of courses online including bespoke training designed to meet the needs of your team.

Delivered via Zoom, using live and interactive activities. Days, evening and weekends available.

Hi, I'm Kerry.

I am a relationships, sex and health educator and trained multimedia journalist. I have over 25 years' experience, working with children and young people in communities and classrooms across the country,β€ˆ providing workshops and training, that educates teenagers, teachers and parents about RSHE topics such as puberty, periods, cancer awareness and sexual health. Iβ€ˆ am the founder of Tough Cookies Education.

In 2022 my first book was published, Relationships, Sex and Health Education 101, Covering peer pressure, effective communication, self-esteem, confidence building, and consent alongside the topics of contraception, sexually transmitted infections and more. I have also written several Relationship and Sex Education Curriculums for Public Health and Local Authority.

About tough cookies

Tough Cookies provide body and health education that shares with young people the skills and knowledge required to live safe and healthier lives – we cover everything from boob checking awareness to STIs, confidence building to puberty and periods.

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Excellent way to understand consent

The Tough cookies sessions were an excellent way for our students to develop their understanding of consent and they have been provided with the knowledge of how to keep themselves safe.

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Crucial for students


So positive


97% say useful

The topics you delivered are crucial for our students and your time and effort in delivering these is really appreciated.

The students fed back no points for improvement only that they wished the workshop was longer. Pupil feedback is so positive every year and they clearly learn so much.

In our evaluation of the day, 95% of students said they enjoyed the RSE day and 97% of students said the day was useful.

Totteridge Academy

St Damian's RC High School

Droylsden Academy

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SUITE 15, 10th Floor

@ Arrive Blue

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M: 07824 885 837

Get in Touch

Our team is here to help! Questions, collaborations, feedback, ideas, interviews, surveys β€” we’re here for it all.

You can contact Tough Cookies a number of ways; email, message, call us, Whatsapp or social media DM. Someone from the team will get back to you straight away.

1. CONdom k.s.a

Workshops that explore safe condom use and negotiation including learning opportunities that develop knowledge, practise skills and safely consider attitudes are important to young people navigating their way through romantic relationships.

In 2016, 141,000 young people aged 15-24 were diagnosed with chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Untreated STIs can cause serious health issues such as pelvic inflammatory disease, swollen or painful testicles, arthritis, infertility and even meningitis.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #sexualhealth #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 9 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)


Consent education that involves a better understanding, development of skills and having a safe space for the exploration of attitudes and opinions is a crucial aspect of addressing sexual harassment in schools.

What does your current consent education look like? Are you only teaching the laws? Are all of your staff confident with their own understanding of consent? How can we improve RSE and support young people to be confident, resilient and empowered?

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 6 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

3. Contraceptive choices

Contraceptive choices is a workshop which informs young people about the behaviours, devices, medications, and procedures that can used to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There are lots of different contraceptive options available. And this workshop helps young people to figure it all out. The session shares facts about the full range of contraceptive choices and their efficacy as well as giving the chance to see what they look like.

Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe despite being one of the world's biggest users of contraceptives. 48,000 babies were born to teenage mothers in Britain in 2021.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 9 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

4. is this Sexual harassment?

The session is called 'Is this sexual harassment?' and centres around an interactive activity which gets the young people considering if a statement is sexual harassment or not and if not then what is it? It is an age relevant session which provides young people with the opportunity to explore SH relating to their age group and life. The session also includes providing young people with an understanding of why they need to know this (changes in the way it is recorded in schools/links to other behaviours/bringing about change) And includes discussion on victim blaming and consent.

This session is usually followed up or delivered alongside our skills for consent workshop 'consent and pizza'

90% of girls, and nearly 50% of boys, said being sent explicit pictures or videos of things they did not want to see happens a lot or sometimes to them or their peers.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 7 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

5. know your body

This health education workshops provides students with a chance to revisit learning about their growing bodies and ask any questions they may have now they are older. The session involves young people to correctly label the reproductive system and genitalia and understand its functions. The session also includes self-care tips for testicular, breast and cervical cancers (KS4+) and developing body confidence! This is one of our most popular workshops for year 10 students (We also recognise that we have had a small number of young people faint in this class! and so any students who have health anxieties or faint on vaccination days- should be told beforehand)

Teens needs to know is that different bodies is normal. And what is important is understanding and knowing what is normal for them.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 5 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

6. Media impact

We have 3 options available to cover media impact...

Teen Talk: Media Impact - Think Kilroy, Maury, Go Ricki....we navigate a lively discussion using prompting questions to allow young people to safely debate, understand and challenge assumptions about their own ideas, and others’ values and behaviour around living their lives online. We explore three questions: Do you think the media creates a false idea of perfection? How can adverts negatively influence the way people feel about themselves and others? What can we do to prevent the negative impact of this? and Do you think exposer to sexualised material online and in the media impacts young peoples understanding of their bodies, health, sex and relationships?

Influential - In this session we tackle all things social media, discovering what do you use and and why? We explore the link between self -esteem and mental health, friendships and bullying as well as click bait, echo bubbles and what really is body positivity and this #ad stuff influencers do online. (There is a pre workshop activity which accompanies this session)

Digital Romance - Spam likes, sliding into DMs and putting their name in your bio! We talk 21st Century love, flirty banter, sexting, grooming and let young people know how to report to CEOP.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 7 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

7. puberty - Ask a stupid question day

This workshop provides young people with the chance to ask any questions they would like know the answers to about becoming a teen and growing up. They will take part in a fun quiz with drawing and what is this questions. Personal hygiene will also be covered, dispelling myths and teaching good and safe practice. Before the drop down day, children and young people will have the chance to submit anonymous questions which will then be explored in an open and honest discussion. Students will end the lesson with a fun activity writing a letter to their future selves.β€ˆ

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 4 - 8

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

8. the period talk

The Period Talk develops young peoples understanding of the reproductive system. They will learn about body autonomy and will be taught the correct scientific terminology of the reproductive system and genitalia, they will understand and learn what periods are and what sexual intercourse is, safeguarding laws including consent and FGM will also be explored.

Key terminology covered will be: cervix, labia, fallopian tube, clitoris, ovary/ ovum, vulva, vagina, uterus/womb, urethra, penis, testicles, scrotum, epididymis, sperm, semen, sperm duct, erection, ovulation, egg, sexual intercourse, sex, ejaculation, conception, pregnancy, birth, contraception, parenthood, pleasure. They will have the chance to look at and understand different period management options including pads, tampons, period knickers and menstrual cups.

#workshopsforschools #RSE #PSHE #toughcookiesed.

Suitable for Year Groups: 9 - 13

Duration of the workshops: from 45 - 90 minutes

Cost of Drop Down Day: prices start from Β£285 (Greater Manchester) to Β£585 (UK)

book a workshop

To complete the booking process please complete the form

We will need to know:

  • Your proposed date
  • Start and finish times
  • Number of workshops/facilitators
  • Which RSHE topic/s you have chosen
  • Your contact and payment details

Deliverables: Once a booking is confirmed we will schedule a call or email to confirm which of the key learning outcomes the school wishes toβ€ˆ be covered.β€ˆ Tough Cookies will then share with the school a detailed plan of work including a copy of the presentation, any resources we plan to use, letter to parents, staff details, DBS and invoice.


About tough cookies

Tough Cookies programmes are underpinned by youth work values and principles and works towards. three core outcomes:

I am confident: children and young people can confidently take charge of their own health and well-being. They show ambition and set goals, They have the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to live happy and healthy lives.

I am resilient: children and young people have developed their emotional literacy; they have the skills required to make good choices. They know how to take care of themselves and others, and know when they need to ask for help, where to get help and how to ask.

I am empowered: children and young people are educated, engaged and connected to their communities. They seek new experiences, take opportunities and want to bring about change.

tough cookies history

Tough Cookies (previously called creAteam) was established in 2012 by Kerry Cabbin, a grassroots youth worker with a passion for girls work and strengthening communities. In May 2019 Tough Cookies became a CIC (Community Interest Company)

Tough Cookies has educated around 20'000 thousand young people and trained over 1000 teachers and youth workers since it began and in 2020 we launched a new youth work initiative for girls.

Our mission begins with children and young people, aged 8 - 18 years old and their families, we mostly work with children and young people living in high areas of deprivation across England. But we welcome children, young people and families from all backgrounds and places into our programmes.

We have a team of experienced and qualified educators and volunteers that plan, deliver and evaluate our workshops and projects. Our team build positive, mentoring, relationships with young people and their families.

We provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive space, we do this in classrooms, online and in the community.

We deliver age-appropriate, relevant and engaging programmes, including girls work. body and health education, relationship and sex education, digital literacy and personal development group work projects.

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